Captain Twister, AKA Logan Godman, is a superhero with airbending abilities that allow him to fly, create windstorms, and more. He mainly operates out of Dodge City, Canada, his hometown, along with the rest of The Invincibles.


The Tornado

Logan Godman was going to university in a town in Kansas. One day, the state fair visited the town, and Logan decided to enter a weightlifting contest. When he won, an opponent got very mad at him, and started following him home. While crossing a large field, the man stopped Logan and tried to fight him over "stealing his victory". Logan didn't really want to fight, but as they were, a category 5 tornado touched down onto them, giving them no time to run away. The two of them got whisked away in the tornado, and while Logan was inside it, he was struck by lightning, allowing his body to gain the powers of the tornado. Logan fell to the ground, but thanks to his new abilities, his softly hit the ground- but he didn't fully realise it as he was closing his eyes. The man was not as lucky- he was dead from falling from the sky. Logan then brought the man to medical attention, puzzled why he did not meet the same fate as the man. He finished his university degree a few months later, and moved back to Toronto.

Becoming Captain Twister

Logan had been noticing hints of his powers for a little while, but now living in an apartment in Toronto and not in a dormitory, he felt like he had the solace to get to the bottom of what happened to him. He eventually discovered his ability to fly, and manipulate the air. He then decided to use his new abilities for the greater good, by becoming a superhero by the name of Captain Twister.

Superhero Career

Captain Twister began his superhero career by facing his first villain, Anto. He later has fought other adversaries such as Tornado Tracker, Phantasm, Bloodbath, and more. Captain Twister also once found a village of airbenders in remote central america, and there they helped him learn the full extent of his airbending abilities.

The Formation of the Invincibles

Captain Twister was involved in the fight against Jaws alongside Scan Man and Barcode Boy during the Death of Scan Man. He later suggested to the group of involved heroes that they should become a team, later known as The Invincibles.


The Invincibles

Invincibles Career

Captain Twister is one of the original members of the team. He is a strong attacker for the team and has been involved in all their battles thus far. Captain Twister acts a public figurehead for the team, and is still an active member.


  • Airbending, which enables him to do the following:
    • Fly
    • Create wind gusts and tornadoes
    • Altering the temperature of air
    • Enhanced strength by using air as an aid
    • Other related airbending abilities