Nightmare in action. (lifted from this)

Basics Edit

Superhero name: Nightmare

Real Name: Martha Walker

Age: Mid-twenties

Birthday: June 22nd

Hometown: Mathog City

Current Residence: Mathog City

Powers: Expert deductive abilities, a staff, electric gloves.

Bitstrips Series:


Martha Walker, as appeared in The Scorpion.

Origin Edit

Martha had a fairly basic life, and she had always expert deductive abilities. When Sam Littolite, Nico Retolovan's former butler, died, Nico put adds out in the paper for a new butler. Martha applied, and she became his butler. However, very quickly she discovered his alter ego as Scorpio, and worked with him as the person helping out at home. She would help coordinate using his suit cam, and just be there to help out. She was also the one who advised Nico to not kill, in order to make himself better then the rest. After The Scorpio Incident, she inherited Nico's property. She went to the Scorpio appreciation event that was being held for his efforts to save the city from enslavement. Here, she told everyone Scorpio's alter ego; Scorpio, because she believed he was dead and it didn't matter.

Superhero Career Edit

Once Scorpio had died,

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