Splash AKA Jessica Jennings is a superhero who has waterbending abilities as well as flight and regeneration. She primarily operates out of Port Isaac and Dodge City alongside her fellow Invincibles members.


Early Life

Jessica Jennings was born and raised in Port Isaac, USA. Unbeknownst to Jessica, she had a twin sister, later named Viola Mitchell, However due to the devilish appearance of her sister her parents gave away the baby. Jessica then grew up without knowing about her sister, and eventually became a marine biologist.

Finding the Amulet of Aphostus

On one of her professional expeditions, Jessica was scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea, when she noticed a shining amulet on the sea floor. She picked it up to bring it to the surface, however it was heavy, so she strung it around her neck. On her way up, she was attacked by a shark, which took a bite of her. Using her knowledge of the animal, she got it off her, but passed out. Her co-workers realised something was wrong and dived to save her. However, once she was found, there was no evidence of a bite, other than her wetsuit being torn. Once Jessica awoke, she found this very confusing, and swore she was bitten.


Jessica was convinced she was bitten- and decided to research the markings on the amulet to see if it explained what happened. She found that it had egyptian hieroglyphics that read Aphostus. She researched the name, and read a story about a man who created an amulet that granted him the powers of the element he was surrounded in when it was first put on, and also the ability to regenerate. Jessica thought that she may have gained water powers from the amulet as she was surrounded in water when she put it on. Jessica then put on the amulet and tried to use water powers, and to her surprise, it worked.

Becoming Splash

Jessica then decided to use her newfound abilities for good, by adopting the persona of Splash, a defender of Port Isaac.

Superhero Career

Splash has fought many criminals and villains, for example her twin sister Devil, Phantom, and more. She has also teamed up with Shock occasionally.


The Invincibles

The Formation of the Invincibles

Splash was one of the heroes called to action during the Death of Scan Man, and fought Jaws. She happily agreed to be part of the Invincibles when Captain Twister suggested it.

Invincibles Career

Splash is one of the original members of the team, and is a strong attacker while fighting adversaries. She's been involved with all of their fights, and continues to be an active member.


  • Splash wears the Amulet of Aphostus, which enables her to
    • Create and manipulate water
    • Become water
    • Breath Underwater
    • Regenerate