The Meddler, As portrayed in The Scorpion.

Basics Edit

Villain Name: The Meddler

Real Name: Unknown (Even by himself)

Age: Mid-Fifties

Birthday: Unknown (Even by himself)

Hometown: Unknown (Even by himself)

Current Residence: Mathog City

Powers: Mind Control, or "Forceful Hypnotism" as he calls it. This allows him to 'Meddle' with minds (Hence the name) by executing simple commands to fully rewriting the brain and brainwashing. However, any barrier between his eyes and theirs, (Masks, Helmets, Glasses, Contacts, etc.) restricts him from controlling.

Bitstrips Series:


The Meddler, after surviving an explosion. (lifted from this)

Origin Edit

Not much is know about The Meddler's past. He credits this to the furthest back he can remember, when he tried the full extent of his powers, but on himself, using a mirror. This caused him to accidentally brainwash himself. He later obtains 'Experimental' Government-restricted technology. This gave him a flying fortress, where he created Vanish, Superdude and Agent Blue. He also orchestrated killings against Nico Retolovan, the most influential person in Mathog City at the time, using the assassin known as Trigger. These all failed, leading to Trigger's death. He tried to brainwash all of Mathog City into being his minions, but was thwarted by Scorpio. He was killed in the Scorpio Incident, which concluded The Scorpion.

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