From a young age, his father taught Max how to shoot. His father was arrested, which drove Max to a life of crime. He tried his hand at being an assassin, and later adopted the name 'Trigger'.

Supervillain Career

Working for The Meddler

Trigger gained a reputation by working for multiple Mathog based gangs and crime families. Eventually, he was reached out to by The Meddler, a man trying to take over Mathog. Trigger agreed and was first told to try and eliminate powerful figures in Mathog. His first target was PLACEHOLDER, the boss of the Mathog Bender gang. Meanwhile, The Meddler hired the Vick Davo crime family to kill Nico Retolovan. However because Davo was failing to do so- he gave two new contracts to trigger. One was Davo's old contract, Nico Retolovan, and the other was Davo himself.

Confrontation at Davo's Mansion

Trigger decided to first take care of Davo, and set himself up on the rooftop of a neighbouring mansion, where he had a view into Davo's living room. He quickly found a man in red and black confronting Davo- and this man took off his mask to reveal himself as Nico Retolovan. Pleased that he was about to fulfill both contracts at once, he used a grappling hook to get over to where the action was. At the same time he was on the phone with The Meddler, who had his airship stationed above the mansion for extraction. He watched Nico kill Davo, and then attempted to kill Nico, who knocked him out of the window. However a tractor beam on The Meddler's airship caught Trigger and he threw a firebomb into the room. Trigger left thinking he had killed Nico, however Nico had just barely escaped.

Further Work for The Meddler

Trigger then tried to assassinate Nico on a few more occasions. One of note is when he kidnapped Nico and brought him to the Airship, however Nico was able to escape.


On his final attempt to kill Scorpio, they engaged in a fight. Scorpio gained the upper hand and interrogated him about The Meddler. When Scorpio heard what he needed, he killed Trigger.

Max dahue

Max Dahue unmasked.


  • Expert marksmanship with any firearm
  • Advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat
  • Grappling hook
  • Larger armoury of weapons
  • Goggles with AR-based aiming assist technology