Origin Edit

From a young age, his father taught Max how to shoot. His father was arrested, which drove Max to a life of crime. He tried his hand at being an assassin, and later adopted the name 'Trigger'. He was then employed by The Meddler to try to take out Scorpio.

Supervillain Career Edit

Trigger first big job was being hired to work for the Meddler. He became a loyal assassin and enjoyed the idea of Mathog being enslaved by his boss. He went on a few missions to try and kill Vick Davo and Scorpio.

Death Edit

On his final attempt to kill Scorpio, they engaged in a fight. Scorpio gained the upper hand and interrogated him about The Meddler. When Scorpio heard what he needed, he killed Trigger.

Max dahue

Max Dahue unmasked.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Expert marksmanship with any firearm
  • Advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat

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